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BWBRSA: Operation Fireball 2.0

BWBRSA: Operation Fireball 2.0

Update: 2021-02-1554


BWBRSA: Operation Fireball was one of our most popular episodes ever! And it's more terrifying than we even knew because after our episode many women from all over the country wrote in and said they experienced the exact same thing! With the help of Delia D'Ambra we tracked down the bartender and witness from our original story and spoke to a number of other survivors along with an agent from the FBI to figure out what's really going on! 


Listen to Part One of this story HERE.


If you want to learn more about the FBI’s human trafficking task forces and state and national hotlines to report suspicious incidents visit and

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Comments (27)


Major props to hospitality employees who notice this and try to help. This episode and the first helps raise Major awareness to not only employees but young adults. I'll be playing this for my daughter. It sucks we have to scare our children into looking out for themselves better but this the society we live in. You can't trust everyone.

Feb 26th


Awesome you got to speak with Johnny and Morgan. This is such a scary situation. Jez owes them big!

Feb 26th

Sabrina Hoffer

I wonder if anyone could track the profiles or texts or even "numbers". Even when you delete texts they can be recovered. IP addresses can be tracked, digital photos have a trail. There should be sketches done for each of the women's stories. Fingerprints on the glasses. I mean I feel like there was so much that was NOT done. Jezz and all of these women have been incredibly lucky. Getting this information out so women in the dating world can be aware should be priority. Notify bartenders? I don't know. I have three daughters. this is terrifying.

Feb 20th

Abby Dalbey

What in the world does BWBRSA stand for? lol

Feb 18th
Reply (2)

Kevin T

This was not a good episode. Correlation does not equal causation and grasping for straws to sell a story equals boredom. Do better CJ.

Feb 17th

Alexandra Cowells

honestly this sounds like an urban legend. while I have no doubt that there are creepy guys on online dating sites, if this was really a human trafficking issue, would people have not noticed all these missing women??

Feb 17th
Reply (4)

Cindy Jensen

for those of you making negative comments, you know you do have a choice to not listen.

Feb 17th
Reply (3)

Paul Sigley

can't see any male being brave enough to make a move the old fashioned way face to face after hearing this, instant human traffickers! 😱

Feb 16th
Reply (5)

Andrew Collins

que the 50 dramatic gasps smh

Feb 16th
Reply (2)

Andrew Jenkins

ad before 5 minutes.. sell outs.

Feb 15th
Reply (1)








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BWBRSA: Operation Fireball 2.0

BWBRSA: Operation Fireball 2.0