Back To Basics with Lora Friemel

Back To Basics with Lora Friemel

Update: 2023-06-20


Lora Friemel of Scranton, AR sells jams, jellies, and other canned goods with her business, The Frayed Knot Homestead.

Her cottage food business is quite small, but it’s not small because it’s unsuccessful… it’s small because that’s exactly what she wants it to be!

Lora is an expert in homesteading, and she sells cottage food products simply to support her true passion of running a homestead for her family.

The cottage food industry meets the needs of so many different types of entrepreneurs, and Lora’s story is an excellent example of someone who has found a way to use a cottage food business to support their lifestyle and priorities.

What You’ll Learn

  • What homesteading is, and how to start
  • How you can ensure the safety of canned products
  • Why homesteading is important
  • How to monetize a homestead
  • How to start and plan your garden
  • Lora’s best-selling flavors of jams and jellies
  • How to cut costs and save money with your homestead
  • Why you should maintain a homesteading journal
  • A metaphor that shows why seasonal selling is so powerful
  • Whether homesteading is for everyone


The Frayed Knot Homestead (Facebook | Instagram | Youtube)

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal, by Joel Salatin

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Resources

Arkansas Food Freedom Law

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Back To Basics with Lora Friemel

Back To Basics with Lora Friemel

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