Backdrop: an Audio Drama

Backdrop: an Audio Drama

Update: 2020-11-20


In a future London ravaged by the effects of climate change, a company is busy harvesting memories to build  virtual versions of the world before "The Withering".  But there are parts of her past Laura would rather forget.  This episode contains swearing and accounts of emotional abuse.  Listeners are advised to avoid this story if they are likely to be offended by either.

Backdrop is based on a short story by Anna Orridge and adapted by Anna Orridge and Chris Gregory

In Backdrop you'll hear
Marie-Claire Wood as Laura
Harri Rees-Jones as Marvin
Kelley Costigan as The Administrator
Kelli Winkler as the voice of Backdrop
Chris Gregory as Laura's father

Music, sound design and editing are by Chris Gregory
Sound effects are from
The presenter in this edition is Kelli Winkler

This edition contains a trailer for Black Box by Kevan Manwaring in which you can hear the voices of Danyelle Ellett, Lewie Watson and Charlie Richards.  Part One of Black Box will be out on Friday 27th November.

If you would like to read the original short story upon which our audio drama is based you can do so here

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 Finally we’d like to thank everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of Fay Hield’s album over on twitter.  As you may recall, Fay is one of the UK’s foremost folk singers and was a co-writer of the drama Hare Spell which we released back in September. Her album Wrackline has been voted the second best folk album of the year by Songlines magazine and has been riding high in the UK folk album chart.  The lucky winners of the competition were Tanith Hicks, Rebecca Lambert and Lisa O’Hare and signed copies of the album should be with you very shortly. 

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Backdrop: an Audio Drama

Backdrop: an Audio Drama