DiscoverSleep Meditation for WomenBe Still Meditation 🌺- From Meditation for Women
Be Still Meditation 🌺- From Meditation for Women

Be Still Meditation 🌺- From Meditation for Women

Update: 2021-01-238


Tonight's meditation is a special one that originally aired on the Meditation for Women podcast that I believe will help you bring your day to a close in a special way, so you can gently ease into deep sleep tonight. If you enjoy today’s meditation, make sure to subscribe to the Meditation for Women podcast by clicking HERE -> or by searching for it in the podcast player you’re on right now. Β A new meditation goes live every week covering an array of topics, all made specially for women, that I hope you truly enjoy.


Come with me,

To enter the stillness.

The place inside of you that settles all fears,

Comforts all emotions,

And connects you to your divinity.

Be still, my love.

And find the answers you can’t hear in the noise around you.

The whispers of truth,

The timely ideas,

And the deep secrets of the universe.

They’re all here for you.

In the stillness.


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I love the way you talk and I unwind and go to sleep, though some of the background music is a bit annoying. I’d rather turn it off as it make me feel conscious. You’re the best

Feb 18th








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Be Still Meditation 🌺- From Meditation for Women

Be Still Meditation 🌺- From Meditation for Women

Katie Krimitsos