DiscoverA New DirectionBe the Leader Who Makes A Difference – William Attaway
Be the Leader Who Makes A Difference – William Attaway

Be the Leader Who Makes A Difference – William Attaway

Update: 2022-11-16


There is leadership and then there is the leader.  Being a leader seems to be something that many want to do, but few understand what it takes to lead and lead well.  Being a leader is not a title.  In fact a great leader probably doesn't have a title, because she or he leads from a place of authenticity and with intention.   They are a catalytic leader.  They make things happen.  They bring unique people together to create something amazing...They ultimately make a difference.  How do you become that catalytic leader that makes a difference?  In this episode of A New Direction Dr. William Attaway shares his research and experience to make you the leader you have always desired to become.

William's book is entitled, "Catalytic Leadership: 12 Keys To Becoming An Intentional Leader Who Makes A Difference" is an outstanding read filled with insightful practical information that will change you as a leader, change you as a person, and change you in the eyes of others.  Catalytic Leadership will enable to be more intentional about the way you lead and giving other the room to become the leaders they need to be.  The book is a fast read, and the lessons are timeless and are for every person at any level of any organization.  William is now offering you a way to get yourself  a copy (You only pay shipping) Got to fill out the form, pay the shipping and your book is on it's way.  If you live outside of the U.S. William will send the ebook to you absolutely free.  Get your copy today by clicking here!

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Be the Leader Who Makes A Difference – William Attaway

Be the Leader Who Makes A Difference – William Attaway

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