Beauty & Violence | 6

Beauty & Violence | 6

Update: 2018-11-1350


In life, Aaron Hernandez weighed 240 pounds. In death, the most important part of his body was just over 3 pounds. When researchers analyzed his brain they were shocked by what they found. A lifetime of football had seemingly taken a tremendous toll, but could it explain his violent crimes?

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Comments (2)

Aut Qast

This is such a heartbreaking tragedy on all sides, for anyone with a heart in a broken world, and there are billions of the same threads to stories worldwide, yet, as long as money and power rule, nothing will ever, ever, change for the same reasons, money & power rule and it is devastating the further away from the headlines you get, it only gets worse at every level. This is just a tough glimpse into one side and one fraction of a much much deeper pool we all reside in under the oversight of the elite and the Systemic virus of power that runs so deep, it may never even be able to be cut out.

Jan 16th

Jeff Welch

a very intriguing story I played for 4 years pop Warner just think how many kids/ young adults will have some form of cte and never made the nfl and have to deal with this with no help!

Nov 13th
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Beauty & Violence | 6

Beauty & Violence | 6