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Becoming More with Wade Roberts

Becoming More with Wade Roberts

Update: 2023-03-11


MPF Discussion with Wade Roberts

Becoming More with Wade Roberts

About Wade

Wade earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Utah where he specialized in fields including development, public, gender, and labor. His dissertation research analyzed the economic impact of landmines in Cambodia. He conducted original and ground-breaking research, proposing specific policies to address landmine-specific problems. As a professor, Wade has over 18 years of experience teaching more than 20 distinct courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to his role as an academic, Wade also founded Roberts Forensics, where he provided forensic economic services to a range of clients for more than 10 years. Wade regularly visits Cambodia to better understand poverty and determine sustainable solutions to poverty reduction.

Wade transitioned from his role as a professor and forensic economist to pursue his passion relating to poverty alleviation, by helping to establish Become More. Wade is dedicated to providing the needed education and opportunity that will empower people living in extreme poverty to break free from the poverty trap. Wade enjoys reading, swimming, playing the piano, and traveling with his family. He and his wife Cindy are the proud parents of three wonderful children.


On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Becoming More) Wade brings to light extreme poverty and the devastating impact it has on rural communities in Cambodia.

We discuss what compelled Wade and his colleagues to take on the mission of helping the many impacted by extreme poverty is the rural areas of Cambodia by creating the charity “Becoming More”

We learn how “Becoming More” is assisting these communities who face extreme poverty on a daily basis in areas such as health, education, housing, dental care and small business support.

 They are also enlightening people particularly young adults to “Become More” trough global service, increased gratitude, growth and giving support to alleviate global poverty.  Some of the areas we cover.


·       We discuss “Becoming More”.

·       There plan to help Cambodians rise out of extreme poverty in a sustainable way.

·       Why success is always built on a history of failure and how we respond to those failures.

·       Why if we want to do something hard, we have to make it happen. 

·       How “Becoming More” is helping Cambodians develop their money mindset by focusing on Saving.


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Becoming More with Wade Roberts

Becoming More with Wade Roberts

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