DiscoverThe Modern Spirituality ShowBecoming a Magician with Jade Tailor and Ben Decker
Becoming a Magician with Jade Tailor and Ben Decker

Becoming a Magician with Jade Tailor and Ben Decker

Update: 2023-01-19


Our guest this week is actress Jade Tailor who starred as Kady in the Syfy / Netflix critically acclaimed drama series, “The Magicians.” The network’s top scripted series was based on Lev Grossman’s best-selling trilogy. Jade's character, Kady, was a fan-favorite who suffered from loss and addiction and attended a secret university specializing in magic.  You will learn the role spirituality plays in Jade's acting career, music and production company. She also discusses her work as a domestic violence counselor and keynote speaker and the role her creativity played with her own healing journey. 

"When you're bashing one, you're actually bashing all because you just create more division. So how can we just create more more oneness more, more love for all humanity? I think we still subscribe to these archaic beliefs that we're still at war with one another. Instead of like, we're all just human beings doing the best that we know how in this physical human experience, like, on this spiritual journey, can we can we just love each other?"

- Jade Tailor on The Modern Spirituality Show

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Jade  has also appeared in Steve Bochco’s TNT series MURDER IN THE FIRST as well as the NBC series AQUARIUS, playing the love interest to David Duchovny.  She also appeared in the series TRUE BLOOD (HBO) and VEGAS (CBS). 

A true multi-hyphenate, Tailor is currently writing, producing and directing projects under her production company, Eyeris Entertainment, a platform for women to tell their positive, inspirational stories. She is also a singer and songwriter known for her raspy, blues voice. Tailor recently released a single, 'All The Blood Runs Red' and is currently working on an album. 

Off screen, she is an Ambassador to the Women’s History Museum and is involved with several non-profit organizations including The New Hollywood, NOW: National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, #MeToo and Times Up. She is also a certified life coach, domestic violence counselor, facilitator and keynote speaker for various self-development and empowerment organizations such as Atlas and MITT.

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Becoming a Magician with Jade Tailor and Ben Decker

Becoming a Magician with Jade Tailor and Ben Decker

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