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Becoming an Ageless Athlete

Becoming an Ageless Athlete

Update: 2020-10-02


Since I was young I’ve had a fascination with women’s roller derby. My love of sports that contained fast movement and intense physical contact only fueled that fascination. As I’ve gotten older, being athletic or even having fitness goals has become difficult and discouraging.  That is one reason why I am so excited for my guest today Robin Legat! She played competitive roller derby for 11 years, competes in Spartan races and is now on a mission as an athletic aging coach to help women over 40 gain confidence, feel ageless, and achieve bold fitness and athletic goals.As we get older, staying in good physical shape becomes incredibly difficult, discouraging and often we trick ourselves into believing it just isn't possible to be athletic. "Too old" "too time consuming" "not possible" are just a few things I know I have even told myself! Listen to this week's episode with Athletic Aging Coach, Robin LegatRobin didn't grow up athletic, not even a wee bit! She made a HUGE leap, stepped out of her comfort zone and joined a Roller Derby League! That started the ball rolling toward an adventure into becoming an athlete, an obstacle coach runner and a gym owner!Please listen to this week's episode and hear how Robin shares her journey AND gives tips and ideas for all of us heading into or over our 40's and that we truly CAN become a confident athlete, no matter where we are at in life!   That's Not Proper can be found on all podcast platforms!! Please Subscribe, Share and Review!Email Cori : cori@thatsnotproper.comThat’s Not Proper Website: Looking to be a guest or have a great topic you'd love to hear me cover? Click the link below and fill out the form or forward it to someone you know who would be an amazing guest! I’d love to connect with you here and on Instagram and Facebook! Let me know your thoughts on this episode!That's Not Proper Instagram:'s Not Proper Facebook:   “Dare To Be Ageless” 21 day challenge: Athlete Podcast:’s Instagram:’s Website:


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Becoming an Ageless Athlete

Becoming an Ageless Athlete

Cori Asuncion