DiscoverOptimal Protein Podcast (Fast Keto) with Vanessa SpinaBecoming the Leanest Man Alive: Robert “Keto Savage” Sikes
Becoming the Leanest Man Alive: Robert “Keto Savage” Sikes

Becoming the Leanest Man Alive: Robert “Keto Savage” Sikes

Update: 2023-04-24


Hi friends! This episode is all about getting lean with a focus on protien and fat, resistance training, cutting fat and building muscle for body building, Robert’s opinion on PSMF and much more! 

Robert Sikes, AKA Keto Savage, is a lifetime natural competitive keto bodybuilder. Using the ketogenic diet, he has seen consistent gains in building lean muscle mass, finding it to be much less stressful on the body than bulking and cutting the traditional way with carbs.

Robert Sikes went from a 115-pound kid in high school to 230 pounds in college and started competing in 2010.  A few years ago he began transitioning to a keto bodybuilding approach and found that his body recovered faster after competitions and that the ketogenic diet provided a much more sustainable and healthier way to building lean muscle.

When not training, you can find Robert providing online coaching through his company Keto Savage

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Becoming the Leanest Man Alive: Robert “Keto Savage” Sikes

Becoming the Leanest Man Alive: Robert “Keto Savage” Sikes

Vanessa Spina