Behind The Mic: The Waffling Taylors

Behind The Mic: The Waffling Taylors

Update: 2021-04-01


Season 2 episode 25 of Behind the Mic focusses on The Waffling Taylors - a pair of brothers who have transitioned from blogging into podcasting, and to music production for some of the biggest names in the business. With a bio-pic from Old Circle Cinema slated for release in 2027, we look back on the only true dynamic duo of podcasting: The Waffling Taylors.

Since their first episode - "56 Games in 63 Minutes", released in November 2017 - Jay and Squidge have been steering both the podcasting and music industries from behind the scenes; but how did these two brothers, from the unknown town of "Cakeland" somewhere in the UK, rise to fame? This episode of "Behind the Mic" gives listeners unprecedented access to the brothers - one of whom is a cartoon wolf with a multi-coloured mane.

We start with the genesis of their website - - and how they transitioned from blogging about video games to podcasting about them. Along the way, we present listeners with intimate interviews with people who were there during the brothers' rise to fame; including:

  • Stoo Cambridge

  • Andrew Dickinson

  • Joe Zack

  • Dr. Feelsbad (Jay's personal physician)

  • and statements from Chief Problems

Behind The Mic: The Waffling Taylors also includes exclusive tidbits as to how Squidge became one of the most sought after music producers in the 2020s - having worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Hank Truvton, and Japan's rising stars Orange Whip (a pop duo consisting of Hiroruki Mikami and Mr. Kite) - and how he wished he could give it all away for the simple life.

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Behind The Mic: The Waffling Taylors

Behind The Mic: The Waffling Taylors

The Waffling Taylors