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Behind the Series: A Frontman Emerges

Behind the Series: A Frontman Emerges

Update: 2021-09-011


Behind the Series is a short-run series about the shows previously featured on this very podcast: Radiotopia Presents from Radiotopia. This week, we talk with someone who's had a lot to do with the sound of Radiotopia Presents, Ian Coss.

Ian has played a key role in creating some of our favorite series, starting with the very first show featured on Radiotopia Presents (then called Showcase): Ways of Hearing (2017), and including our most recent series, Blind Guy Travels, which he produced and sound designed. After taking on many supporting roles in Radiotopia productions over the past few years, Ian joins us to talk about what he’s learned in making limited run series and how it helped in his newest role: host and creator of the five part series, Forever is a Long Time.  

Behind the Series is hosted, written, and produced by Mark Pagán. Executive producers are Audrey Mardavich and Julie Shapiro. Music from JD Samson, Blue Dot Sessions, and Ian Coss.

Behind the Series is a production of Radiotopia Presents, from PRX’s Radiotopia. We’re looking for new series for Radiotopia Presents! Find out more about how to pitch your show at

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Ian’s series Forever is a Long Time is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.









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Behind the Series: A Frontman Emerges

Behind the Series: A Frontman Emerges