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Behind the scenes with Käsämä Cosmetics

Behind the scenes with Käsämä Cosmetics

Update: 2021-03-04


Join this episode of the Nordic Natural Beauty Podcast, where the host Satu Mäkinen talks with Pauli Wigelius, the man behind Käsämä Cosmetics - a natural skincare brand from Finland. Pauli shares insights into the actual making of cosmetics, and talks about his journey in the Nordic natural beauty industry.

You can follow Käsämä Cosmetics on Instagram and Facebook @kasamacosmetics, and find more about their skincare at

This podcast is powered by Nordic Natural Beauty Awards.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards is a yearly online awards contest to celebrate the best all-natural cosmetics made across the Nordic and Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The nominated cosmetics are tested and the winners selected by an internationally renowned Nordic Beauty Jury. The jury is formed each year of 50 Nordic stars coming from different fields, such as music, cinema, sports, and also fashion.

The yearly process goes as follows; The registration is open in the springtime. During the summer and early autumn, the nominated products are being tested by the jury members, and the yearly awards are always organized in October, ready for the holiday season.

The winners of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 (first edition) were announced in October 2020. You can apply to the 2021 awards, get to know all the nominees and winners of the first edition, as well as find all other info on the awards' website at

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertaining and educational purposes only. If you have health concerns, seek professional medical advice.

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Behind the scenes with Käsämä Cosmetics

Behind the scenes with Käsämä Cosmetics