Being A Storyteller

Being A Storyteller

Update: 2021-04-22


Author Loralyn Mears

Enabled with a PhD in molecular biology from Queen’s University with research conducted at Case Western Reserve University along with a Masters in physiology from the University of Toronto, she initially set out on a path to advance science. Along the way, she learned that she preferred sharing information, guiding others and writing about her observations versus being at the bench.

The duality of her career as a scientist then as an author and journalist is hardly a surprise. Curiosity is at the core of both. However, being curious is only one part of the equation. Being a storyteller is the other.
Once she tapped into her "special sauce" of simplifying complex information into digestible bits intended for a broad audience, she was on her way. Loralyn has been part of leadership teams for a Fortune 10 and a couple of Fortune 100s driving market research, innovation and marketing. She also worked for and managed a number of startups and helped many of them launch. Today, she is a ghost-writer for countless clients helping them tell their stories. In her spare time she hosts a podcast, Women-in-Tech LIKE A BOSS on the Grit Daily News Channel; weekly Monday motivation, Friday wine columns, among other content that features femTech and the achievements of its founders plus investors.

Published (2) Novels: “One Sip at a Time: a Memoir,” won the 2018 US National Indie Book Gold Medal & “Covid-19: The Battle for Humanity”

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Being A Storyteller

Being A Storyteller

Kimberly McLemore