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Being Reasonable in an Age of Unreason | DAVE RUBIN

Being Reasonable in an Age of Unreason | DAVE RUBIN

Update: 2020-05-192


Reason seems to be in increasingly short supply, which is unfortunate considering some of the messes we’ve found ourselves in will only be solved through reasonable thought, ideas, and people. Also unfortunate is that those who are the loudest seem to be the most unreasonable and only wish to perpetuate the problems we have in modern society and culture.

Today, I am joined by the one and only, Dave Rubin, New York Times Bestselling author of, Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason. What I like most about Dave and this conversation is that he’s willing to talk about the things you’re not “supposed” to talk about including the myth of the gender gap, why “hate speech” should be protected speech, why not everyone is a Nazi as perpetuated by what he calls, the “lefties,” and ultimately how to be reasonable in a world that seems to be anything but.


  • Moving towards equality
  • Governmental control
  • Consolidating power
  • Empirical truths
  • The human spirit
  • Valuing individuality
  • Protecting free speech
  • Classic Liberalism
  • Thinking for yourself
  • The best path forward
  • American privilege
  • Be the vocal majority


As I said before, my guest today is Dave Rubin and I’m sure many of you are already familiar with him and have some preconceived notions about who he is and what he stands for.

I’ve been following him for some time now and am fascinated with his journey from left-leaning progressive to a free-thinking classical liberal. He is the host of the Rubin Report and spent almost two years touring and opening for his friend and mentor, Jordan Peterson.

His background is in standup comedy but he has become extremely well-known for his podcast where he’s interviewed Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Larry King, Dan Crenshaw, Adam Carolla, and so many more.

Today, he’s here to talk with us about thinking freely and openly about some of our culture’s most polarizing subjects.


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J Cordero

great show very informative about political perspectives. great stuff

May 20th
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Being Reasonable in an Age of Unreason | DAVE RUBIN

Being Reasonable in an Age of Unreason | DAVE RUBIN