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Ben Schwartz: Woman of the Year (S2E17)

Ben Schwartz: Woman of the Year (S2E17)

Update: 2022-02-154


Pawnee is flush with guests! Today Rob and Alan welcome the legendary Ben Schwartz on the pod to talk about the 17th episode of season 2. In "Woman of the Year" Leslie is upset when Ron wins an award typically meant for women. On today's episode find out why Ben made it a game to make Retta laugh, how this episode helped loosen-up the character of Jean-Ralphio, and which character Ben originally auditioned for. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


The Parks Dept. receives a letter from the Pawnee chapter of the IOW (Indiana Organization of Women), which Leslie believes is her congratulatory letter as the recipient of the group's Dorothy Everton Smythe Woman of the Year award. Much to her horror, the award has actually gone to Ron in recognition of town projects Leslie primarily developed. Ron privately acknowledges the award as a ridiculous mistake; however, uses the opportunity to mess Leslie before later recommending her as the award recipient. 

When IOW director visits Ron, it’s revealed that a man was strategically chosen for the first time for marketing purposes. Frustrated with the politics of the awards, Leslie and Ron plan for him to make a disparaging acceptance speech condemning the awards. However, at the ceremony itself, Ron instead publicly presents the award to Leslie, who tries to present it instead to Ron, who precedes to present it back to Leslie. The next day's newspaper proclaims Ron the winner, with Leslie and Ron later deciding that the award is meaningless, anyway. The plaque is thrown into a wastebasket, where Leslie later secretly retrieves it.

In a subplot, Tom drops off a temporary liquor license renewal at the Snakehole Lounge nightclub, where the owner Freddy (Andy Milder) tells him they are seeking investors who can buy a share for $10,000. With only $4000 to spend, Tom reveals part-ownership in a nightclub is a longtime dream of his, and seeks partnership from his fast-talking friend, Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz), who contributes $5,000. Still in need of $1,000 to seal the deal, Tom seeks further help from his co-workers. Donna expresses an interest, but decides against it when she meets Jean-Ralphio,  

Meanwhile, when Andy's band-mate Burly (Andrew Burlinson) tells Andy he can no longer live with him, April helps Andy look for an apartment. They find one near her house, prompting a smitten April to note that they can carpool to work together. But when Andy learns Tom needs $1,000, he forgoes the apartment to give Tom the money as a gift. April is surprised by the choice and disappointed with the result. In the episode's final scene, Tom is shown enjoying his nightclub part ownership, until he learns Donna has bought three shares herself.

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Ben Schwartz: Woman of the Year (S2E17)

Ben Schwartz: Woman of the Year (S2E17)

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