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Bennett is the American Psycho

Bennett is the American Psycho

Update: 2020-12-02


This week Kay and Chris are joined by hosts of the “I Don’t Get It” podcast, Ashley I. and Naz Perez for a recap of an episode from a seemingly short season for Tayshia. They begin by discussing how contestants are encouraged not to eat on camera after putting a massive spread in front of Tayshia and the men that went untouched. Next, they talk about Bennett’s evolution from a hilarious and self aware fan favorite to a full fledged American psycho. Later, they react to Ben revealing on national TV that he had an eating disorder and the importance of the moment overall for ABC. Finally, they breakdown how quickly Tayshia’s season is moving and how the rose ceremony seems to be a forgotten thing of the past.

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Bennett is the American Psycho

Bennett is the American Psycho

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