Best Lifesaving Lessons

Best Lifesaving Lessons

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Oprah discusses the best lifesaving lessons she's learned and says we should use our intuition and the voice in our heads that says, "Something is off here." Oprah reflects on her Oprah Winfrey Show conversation with protection expert Gavin de Becker about what he calls “the gift of fear.” Oprah also recalls the lifesaving advice she never forgot from expert Sanford Strong: Never let an attacker take you to a second location. Actress Gabrielle Union shares her story about how she was brutally raped when she was 19 while working in a shoe store. Gabrielle said she ignored her instincts about an approaching customer because she didn't want to be rude.

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Jessica J

Although all good reminders, again it's telling the women how not to be attacked and less about putting it on the men that shouldn't be attacking.

Sep 18th

JJ Todilinus

What a retarded lesson. Americans are truly uneducated people. The ancient Greeks wrestle with this idea even in the presocratic period, that intuition and emotions are terrible guides for everything and anything. Our intuition once led us to murder children on altars as propitiation to the gods, our intuition tells us that different races are threatening and could be diseased, our intuition and emotions led Hitler to murder millions because their appearance and disorder gave him a "gut feeling" that didn't sit right. I mean, this is why the world has a problem with Americans. You fall so easily for this stupidity and buy books and spend money. As Sokrates finally says, it's not by the externalities that you judge people - something MLK Jr would borrow later, but by a person's psyche", their soul, and by reason - not superstition. if each of us relied on our intuitions, I would be a way more terrible person. our intuition would hire the big breasted woman instead of the one who can do the job best, it would cause us to have all sorts of choices, preferences and conclusions that are on a reasoned examination wrong and irrational. it is only through reason that we can have moral conduct - the logos - and not thought emotion - the pathos. So you can keep looking for Oprah to give you advice - and maybe her intuition has helped her, but has helped her how? she is almost 70 and her face is still on every magazine, she promotes herself like a mad clown and her whole life she has been unable to find peace or happiness because of he unbridled ambition and material obsession. this is the last person who you should take advice from. to the Greeks, the Pythia had to be not only a mother, but a mother who had given birth to boy boys and girls, so that she can understand what it is like to be both male and female, both young and old, both man and son of God, ie spiritual and material.

Aug 23rd
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LaQuinda Johnson


Jul 31st
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Best Lifesaving Lessons

Best Lifesaving Lessons