DiscoverThe Rich Roll PodcastBest Of 2020: Part One: The Rich Roll Podcast
Best Of 2020: Part One: The Rich Roll Podcast

Best Of 2020: Part One: The Rich Roll Podcast

Update: 2020-12-24


It’s time to pause. Reflect on the past twelve months. Set new aspirations. And visualize the year to come.

I think we can all agree it’s been a challenging year. All the more reason to optimize body, mind and soul to tackle 2021 correctly.

In furtherance of that end, allow me to introduce what has become a tradition on the RRP—our annual ‘Best Of’ series wherein we reflect upon the previous 12 months with a 3-part compilation of clips excerpted from a handful of the year’s most compelling guests.

Think of it as a refresher course for the avid fans. An anthology or digest for those newer to the podcast. A love letter to my guests. And most importantly, a way of thanking you, the audience, for taking this journey of growth alongside me.

Guests featured in this first of three total anthology episodes (all hyperlinked to their respective episodes) are as follows:

Compiling this auditory yearbook is both a joy and a challenge. I have great fondness for all my guests. I take no comfort in leaving anyone out. Should you find one of your personal favorites missing, I get it—please don’t @ me!

The visually inclined can watch it unfold on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Here’s to an extraordinary 2021. Join me, and let’s make it the best year ever—together.

Peace + Plants,

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Guests featured in this episode (all hyperlinked to their respective episodes) include:

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Best Of 2020: Part One: The Rich Roll Podcast

Best Of 2020: Part One: The Rich Roll Podcast