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Best Practices For Dealing With Stress w/ Ritu Riyat

Best Practices For Dealing With Stress w/ Ritu Riyat

Update: 2020-05-12


While stress is not inherently a bad thing, the amount of stress and change we are experiencing during this pandemic can be cause for concern. This is why I have brought stress detox expert Ritu Riyat onto the show. Today Ritu is here to give us a deep dive into understanding what stress truly is, and how you can use her stress detox framework to peel back the layers and discover where your secret stress is hidden.

Understanding The Subtle Signs Of Burnout

By asking yourself what you can do in a moment of stress to feel in control, you can create a routine that calms your mind and helps you adapt to this constant state of change. In addition to her practical tips for becoming more self-aware and her knowledge around the understanding of the subtle signs of burnout, Ritu will also walk us through a short meditation practice in this episode to help you manage your stress in a more productive manner. 

If you want to gain a conceptual framework to understand stress, understand self-awareness and implement practical ways to examine if meditation is right for you and to find a way for the practice to benefit you, this is an episode you can’t miss. While meditation may not be for everyone, it is all about digging into how you are feeling right now so that you can do something about it. 

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In This Episode

  • How to detox your life from stress during the current pandemic (8:14 )
  • Learn about the stress detox framework and how to develop self-awareness (13:05 )
  • Subtle signs that may indicate that you are going from eustress to burnout (17:32 )
  • The four best self-reflection questions to help you check in with yourself (23:12 )
  • Join in on a meditation practice and learn alternative meditation activities to try (25:35 )



“That became the framework of the stress detox program that I created, which is deeply rooted in awareness. So developing your self-awareness and your own personal response to stress.” (11:15 )

“It’s not that we’re trying to eliminate stress from our life, what we’re really trying to do is recognize where we are on the stress spectrum. And when were approaching distress, that’s when we apply our tools to take a pause and bring ourselves down that spectrum back into eustress or maybe a state of calm.” (16:19 )

“Its extremely important right now in this current pandemic that we’re experiencing, because people’s feelings are all over the place, and everyone is dealing with it differently. And however, you are dealing with it is okay. And however, you are feeling at this moment is okay.” (21:35 )

“It teaches us and it builds our resilience because you become more accepting of change because change is constant. And so you are not as reactive to the change that is occurring outside, because you have become familiar with working with change inside your body.” (32:42 )

“When things seem so uncertain as they are right now in our world, I encourage you to go back to what you can control.” (35:12 )



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Best Practices For Dealing With Stress w/ Ritu Riyat

Best Practices For Dealing With Stress w/ Ritu Riyat

Steph Gaudreau