DiscoverPlaces I Remember with Lea LaneBest Travel Tales And Memories Of '21, To Begin '22!
Best Travel Tales And Memories Of '21, To Begin '22!

Best Travel Tales And Memories Of '21, To Begin '22!

Update: 2022-01-04


What a fabulous 2021 it's been for Places I Remember!  We've talked with fascinating travelers. We've won awards, and are now heard in 2,000 cities and 101 countries. To celebrate,  we're gifting you with a sampling of our favorite tales, stories and memories, so generously offered this past year.  Here goes:

Heidi Sarna, author of Secret Singapore, tells of a discovery there in Ep. 39. In Ep. 2, Millie Ball, former travel editor and Mardi Gras queen, recalls a sweet New Orleans memory.

In Ep. 40,  Donna Sandstrom, founder of The Whale Trail, tells a  of an Orca named Springer.  Jason Flesher, expedition leader in Antarctica,  explains "being snotted on by a whale" in Ep. 33.  In Ep. 9,  Norwegian travel expert Harald Hansen describes his surprise encounter with polar bears.

In Ep. 26, 'American Idol 'and 'So You Think You Can Dance' producer Simon Fuller tells a memory from when he was filming the documentary Serengeti, in Tanzania.  In Ep. 25, Ahmed Taumi, a top Moroccan guide, talks of of a request we won’t forget.  And we talk of Assisi Italy with author  Lori Erickson, in Ep. 30.

In Ep. 21, mountaineer/author Jim Davidson, remembers summiting Everest. In Ep. 20, actor Stephen Bishop has a reality check in the Dominican  Republic and South Africa, traveling as a person of color.

Travel memories from my much-traveled family: Granddaughter Sabrina remembers being on the border of Israel and Syria, in Ep. 23. Younger son Cary, a history buff and professor, offers a profound take about the WW1 and WW2 battlefields of Belgium and France, in  Ep. 18. In Ep. 15, son Randall, chief content officer of Forbes media, remembers meeting the aged fisherman from Hemingway’s novella, The Old Man and the Sea, in Cuba.

In Ep. 25, Patricia Schultz, author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die.  describes a special person: a story I especially love. Karen Misuraca, author of Secret Sonoma, tells of a mammoth surprise in Northern California wine country, in Ep. 47.  In Ep. 36, Patrice Henry remembers deep-diving women in Korea.

In  Ep. 16, Midgie Moore, co-author of 100 Things to Do in Alaska Before You Die, describes the magic when she first saw the Northern Lights in Alaska. And still looking up, Anne Born describes the Milky Way seen from Northern Spain, in Ep. 4.

Food makes memories. Financial guru Jean Chatzky, formerly of NBC’s Today show,  shares a special meal with us in Ep. 38.  Patti Eshai, TikTok’s popular “Duchess of Decorum” tells of a meal tradition in her homeland of Iran in Ep. 46. In Ep. 42, Deanne Burch, author of Journey Through Fire and Ice, shares  unusual meals  in a remote Arctic village. 

Drinks can also stir memories. The first concoction is from Beverly Hills tourism director Karen Wagner in Ep. 16. The other, the strangest I have ever heard, is from Canadian CEO of Tours By Locals, Paul Melhus, in Ep. 46.

And we end with a gorgeous Irish ballad straight from Dublin, from singer Joe Kearns, sung just for us in Ep. 7, to celebrate our wondrous year around the world. Even if we never left home, we were able to experience travel through memory.
 Podcast host Lea Lane blogs at, has traveled to over 100 countries, and written nine books, including Places I Remember.

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Best Travel Tales And Memories Of '21, To Begin '22!

Best Travel Tales And Memories Of '21, To Begin '22!

Award-winning host Lea Lane introduces favorite travel memories of the past year.