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Best of The Indian Startup Show

Update: 2020-12-311


No 1 Best Business Podcast in india!  Big Thank You to CEO magazine India. I am humbled and honoured. Today you will hear some of the best guests I have spoken to over the past years. You will hear from Shankar Prasad. Founder of Pureplay Skin Sciences. They are Building India's fastest growing new-age, values-driven vegan skin care & beauty brand. Next I speak to  Akriti Khatri The founder of the Venus Detective Agency - India’s leading female private detective agency And finally  I speak to  Naina Hiranandani, COO & Co-Founder of Sirf Coffee.  A Bespoke dating service revolutionising dating for global Indians. So please enjoy the show, and i wish you all the best for the new year!


‘One piece of advice I will give is this - listen to the consumer , listen to the consumer, listen to the consumer , everything flows from that, if that’s not part of you equation then your starting at the wrong place - Shankar Prasad. Today I speak to Shankar Prasad, Founder, Pureplay Skin Sciences.One of indian fastest growing vegan & grooming brands. He has over 20 years of creating and building consumer goods india. So in this podcast we talk about his iterative design process, his research , his pricing strategy , using social media influencers, the Skin care for men market, taking calculated risks, advice on building your own consumer goods brand and learn how to improve your communication skills. And finally some warren Buffett chat as well.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Starting out as a chemical engineer.
  • Leaving corporate life and going it alone.
  • Why vegan?
  • Bring inspired by the goodness of nature, and & doing good
  • Online & offline selling strategies
  • Understanding want goes on in the west ,will likely happen in India
  • Social media advice - Earn your place at the table.
  • Launching skin care products for men & size of market.
  • Favourite brands and why.
  • Thoughts & experiences on using Youtube video for marketing & advertising.

Sirf Coffee

What do women want? & how do you deal with those annoying Aunties! Well today your going to find out. My guest is Naina Hiranandani, COO & Co-founder Sirf Coffee. Sirf Coffee is a bespoke dating service revolutionising dating for global Indians. In this exciting episode she talks about servicing clients around the world using an offline approach to dating and why they take this approach. She talks about the operational side of the business and why the business model has not changed over 10 years. She talks about why they don’t spend money on marketing or take investment and finally she shares some great dating advice you can try if your footloose and fancy free!

In this episode we talk about

  • How many dates have they have setup
  • Walking away from a lucrative career to do this
  • Building a prototype
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Do opposites attract?
  • What it takes to be a COO
  • The future of dating
  • Being different to the rest of the competition
  • Having courage
  • Book recommendation Sapiens - Yuval Harari & Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari

Venus Detective Agency

The explosion of online dating & matchmaking apps in India has led to a huge rise in the number of private investigators tasked with exposing love cheats. Today my guest is Akriti Khatri , the founder of Venus Detective Agency . She is like the female Miss Marple, So in this exciting episode she talks about how she got started and turned this into a very successful business with offices around india. She gives great advice for first time founders and she will also talk about going undercover to check up brides and grooms before they get married , she talks dating, using high technology gadgets, conflicts, emotions. Why business is booming due to soap operas and why spending 30 days in the office doing nothing set her up for big success!

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Business model
  • Blackmail , honey traps & love affairs
  • Why females make the best detectives
  • Whats in her spy kit?
  • The Long hours
  • Would she recommend this as a career?


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Best of The Indian Startup Show

Best of The Indian Startup Show

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