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Better Sex Ed with Heather Corinna

Better Sex Ed with Heather Corinna

Update: 2020-09-17


How much sex education did you get in school? Was it (how can we say this politely) at all useful? Sex educator and writer Heather Corinna talks about founding the popular website Scarleteen and their books on sex and relationships for pre-teens, teens and young adults. Storyteller Archy Arch J tells a tale of high school sexual experimentation with (gasp!) his girlfriend. And Karen’s Sermon on the Pubic Mound about making more room for pleasure in everyday life.

  • Karen interviews Heather Corinna, author and founder of Scarleteen, the online resource for inclusive, comprehensive, supportive info on sexuality and relationships for teens and young adults. Recorded live at our March 2019 show. Plus Q&A on sex-positive parenting from the live audience, answered by Heather and kinkster and Dom Peter (aka MksThingsHappin)
  • Storyteller Archy Arch J, recorded live in December 2019, tells a story of his first sexual encounter with his high school girlfriend, and how it helped him realize he was 100% gay
  • Sermon on the Pubic Mound: Karen talks about interrupting the tendency to overwork and learning to find pleasure in the everyday. Recorded live in March 2019

This is the third episode in a three-part series on sex ed, parenting, and getting free of the sex lies we heard as kids. Catch up on part one, Sex Lies, and part two, The Sex-Positive Parent. Let us know what you thought!


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Better Sex Ed with Heather Corinna

Better Sex Ed with Heather Corinna

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