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Beyond the Higher Ground with Thomas Brigger

Beyond the Higher Ground with Thomas Brigger

Update: 2020-11-03


"It's not an end game. It's just how life goes"

Thomas Brigger talks about his latest novel "Beyond the Higher Ground". It is about a Project Manager for a very large construction company who finds an opportunity to restart his life after losing his wife building a prison on a mountain in the Appalachian Mountains. In the process, he discovers a world he never knew existed- an opioid underground.

As the prison goes up, the drug smugglers press to get him to move off the land and abandon the project. A test of endurance and perseverance. With so many today under crisis mode, this book speaks to us about standing the test of time. A man's personal tragedy and his recovery come together with the opioid crisis showing us that there is more than higher ground in the mountains. When we shy away from adversity, we start building our own prisons. When you go higher, you just need to keep going, to have hope, and to keep moving in life, and keep living through adversity.

Thomas's takeaways:
~ Once you reach the higher ground you can go beyond it
~ The simplest things can make a world of difference for someone else
~ Find your process - sticky notes are a huge help
~ You need to have hope in order to keep moving

There are times where we shy away from adversity which creates a personal prison for us. Identifying that helps you to be able to piece together a blueprint of what you will need to do next. When we shy away from adversity it is often connected to how we believe others will view our circumstances. It where the whole IG lifestyle comes in. Yet, it is your transparency that will allow you to embrace your current situation.

We have to have a clear picture of what higher ground will look like for us. Not our children, not our neighbors, and not even the picture our parents have for what higher ground looks like will always match what we see for ourselves. Higher ground requires us to let go of the picture that was given to us in order to create our own picture. It helps in business and in life.

Meet Thomas:

Thomas A. Brigger is a businessman, entrepreneur, traveler, and author of Beyond the Higher Ground, a novel about intrigue and suspense amid the opioid crisis in Appalachia. With a background including construction worker, small business owner, instructional writer, real estate developer, builder, consultant, and corporate executive, the author draws from his experience to recognize the nuances of human behavior. Proclaimed by a former instructor to be “potentially one of the great writers of the century”, Brigger set aside his business interests to concentrate on writing fiction, a craft that he mastered by writing short stories for most of his adult life. He writes from his home in Southwest Ohio, where he focuses on the variants of American life and matters of importance to American people.

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Beyond the Higher Ground with Thomas Brigger

Beyond the Higher Ground with Thomas Brigger

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