DiscoverAll God's WomenBible Servants: Women's History Unsung Heroes
Bible Servants: Women's History Unsung Heroes

Bible Servants: Women's History Unsung Heroes

Update: 2021-03-10


As we continue with our celebration of Women’s History Month, we look at another group of Unsung Heroes from the Bible. Today we turn our attention to servants, those hard working women who worked quietly in the background taking care of others.

We’ve already featured a number of servant women. One of the first was Hagar. Taken from Egypt to be Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar got caught up in Sarah’s schemes to take matters into her own hands. Twice she fled for safety into the wilderness, and twice God met her there and assured her that she wasn’t alone.

Another servant we’re all familiar with is Naaman’s wife’s servant girl. Thanks to her helpful advice, Naaman was healed from his leprosy.

And, of course, there’s Mephibosheth’s nurse who dropped him while she was trying to rescue him from danger. 

I’ve always been fascinated by Deborah, not the mighty judge who led troops in battle, but the Deborah who served as personal nurse to first Rebekah and then Rachel.

Deborah is only mentioned in two verses of the Bible. She spent her entire life in the background serving others. But when she died, she left a gaping hole in the lives of those who knew her. Very rarely is the death and burial place of women included in the Bible. For that matter, very seldom does the Bible tell us the burial place of men. And, yet, this servant woman made such an impact, that it was deemed important to let us know where she was buried and to note that those who knew her mourned her death.

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Bible Servants: Women's History Unsung Heroes

Bible Servants: Women's History Unsung Heroes

Sharon Wilharm