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Big Bad Goes Back to School

Big Bad Goes Back to School

Update: 2023-09-07


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A new school year has begun, and Big Bad Wolf is experiencing back-to-school jitters. He’s worried his wolf classmates will continue to make fun of him over his embarrassing incident during last year’s howl-at-the-moon final exam. Enter his Folktale Forest friends, including Serena the Capybara. They talk him through his new class nerves and guide him back to his calm, cool and collected canine self—sending him off with the confidence he needs to become a Master Howler!

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SUMMARY: Redge the hedgehog, Serena the capybara, and Jonathan are making sure they have all their art supplies in their backpacks while walking to Peregrin’s Place of Learning for their first art class. Their plans take an unexpected turn when they encounter the familiar sound of their friend, Big Bad Wolf, howling at the night.

As they engage in a heartwarming conversation with Big Bad, they learn that he's grappling with his own fears and insecurities about returning to school. He's worried about facing classmates who once made fun of him and feelings that he won’t be able to handle the advanced howling class he's enrolled in. Through the soothing guidance of Serena, the Folktale Forest friends explore mindfulness techniques like body scans and grounding exercises, to help Big Bad find a sense of calm and confidence.

PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: As back-to-school season approaches, it’s not uncommon for young minds to be filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. In Big Bad goes Back to School, these worries take center stage, only to be met with empathy and understanding. The lessons that emerge from this story provide comfort, encouragement, and tools for navigating the overwhelming feelings that can happen when a new school year begins. The episode includes two guided mindfulness exercises.

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CREDITS: This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Amy Thom

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Big Bad Goes Back to School

Big Bad Goes Back to School

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