DiscoverBig Blend RadioBig Blend Radio: Green Infrastructure in New Orleans
Big Blend Radio: Green Infrastructure in New Orleans

Big Blend Radio: Green Infrastructure in New Orleans

Update: 2017-08-21


Jeff Supak, Community Resiliency Program Associate at Global Green USA, talks about the recent flooding in New Orleans and how green infrastructure such as plants and bioswales can add capacity to the city’s storm water system. For over 20 years, Global Green USA, the American affiliate of Green Cross International, has been a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improve lives and protect our planet. 

Global Green's programs in New Orleans include:

* Water Wise NOLA is a group of water professionals and enthusiasts which share a dedication and commitment to advance Green Infrastructure development in the Greater New Orleans area, as well as strengthen public awareness for water related issues and corresponding green solutions.

* Rebuilding Green in New Orleans: Holy Cross Project Helping New Orleans rebuild following Hurricane Katrina with a model sustainable village in the Lower Ninth Ward.

* Louisiana Wetland Action Program - Engaging Louisiana landowners in wetlands coastal restoration.

This Big Blend Radio interview originally aired live on on Aug. 20, 2017.
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Big Blend Radio: Green Infrastructure in New Orleans

Big Blend Radio: Green Infrastructure in New Orleans

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