DiscoverWarhammer Water CoolerBinx’s Hobby Podcast is here.
Binx’s Hobby Podcast is here.

Binx’s Hobby Podcast is here.

Update: 2018-04-09


It’s been a while since I blogged last, but it has been for a good reason, as today launches Binx’s Hobby Podcast. Alongside my Warhammer Wife Elliot I will be bringing you a monthly

podcast where we talk about our adventures in the many worlds and settings of the Games Workshop hobby.

Today (9th April), is the release of episode one of the podcast, and on today’s blog I will be talking about the plans for the podcast and how it will link up with my blog posts.

Ongoing the plan is to release a podcast episode every month, and alongside that a week of blog posts related to what you will hear us talking about. Each podcast episode will be broken down in to four parts, and each part will have a blog post released containing such things as pictures of what we have been talking about and links to any online content we may have mentioned.

On episode one, the four sections are:

1/Monday: An introduction to us and the podcast, which is this blog post.

2/Tuesday: What hobby we have been doing; tomorrows blog post will include some pictures of our efforts.

3/Wednesday: A review of White Dwarf April 2018.

4/Thursday: Games we have been playing and a look forward to our next game; the final blog post of the week will include some army shots in preparation for a battle report next week

You can listen to the podcast HERE and hopefully it will make its way on to other platforms as and when I can get them released.

As we talk about on the podcast, you can follow me (Chris) on Twitter and Instagram @BinxHobby and Elliot on Twitter @TheAvgGamer2205

Please follow us and give us some feedback on the first episode, also please give favourable reviews, subscribe and spread the word about our new podcast so that we can fill the ears of many a hobbyist.

Thanks for listening, and see you in a month, where we’ll be reviewing our trip to the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 2

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Binx’s Hobby Podcast is here.

Binx’s Hobby Podcast is here.

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