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Black Men and Strong Black Women | The Great Divide

Black Men and Strong Black Women | The Great Divide

Update: 2019-07-22


Rob brought the MEAT to the cookout in this episode. I'm telling you, he gets ALL THE WAY NAKED about strong black women and the black men who love them. He delves deep into why there’s such a huge disconnect in male and female relationships and how we can remedy that by mastering the art of communication. Baabbyy!!!! He is serving up all kinds of goodness -- ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs..ERRTHANG!!!!

Some of the episode's defining moments include:


* What it was like growing up as a black man in a community of strong black women

* Common myths he's personally encountered about the strong black woman and how he handled them

* What it's like raising a daughter in a society that may label her as angry and his plan for handling that

* How forgiveness, patience and compassion can restore the relationship between the black man and strong black woman

* The role of black men in the strong black woman's life

* How men and women think, communicate,  operate and experience life differently

* How the breakdown in communication often contributes to the misconception of the strong black woman

* The importance of knowing your identity and strength as a woman from a non-secular or popular culture point of view

* The value of strong black women partnering with  black men and helping them to better understand their needs and how to support them

This episode has so much MEAT! Nobody's going hungry today.

Seriously, Rob is serving up all kinds of goodness.  From his growing relationship with his eight-year old daughter to the characteristics of his ideal mate, he left no charcoal unburned.


Being a man of many gifts and talents, nothing exhilarates Robert Badgett III more than empowering the masses to take transformative action in their personal lives, businesses and families through education, arts and entertainment.

For the last 15 years, he has used his creative forms of expression to reach the masses. As a music artist, he has released several empowering & motivational compilation albums filled with revival and hope! As a Producer, he has produced and co-hosted several radio programs aimed at empowering others to work through relationships issues with self and others, finding their voice, purpose and passion- whatever it takes to discover their greatness!

As an author, he just released his brand new best seller His Love Letters for Her- his gift of inspiration to all women, reminding them that they are unconditionally loved and valued! He has written and marketed innovative curricula followed by making that hope, empowerment, and revival available to the masses through podcast and vlogs series as well as speaking words of empowerment at conferences, seminars and workshops, bringing healing, hope and insight to those trapped in failure!

Robert H. Badgett III is also an entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of his own media education company, Made To BFree Inc.  Apart from business and ministry, Rob is a devoted father of three children and enjoys spending time investing in their lives. It is his mission and purpose to Be Filled, Revived, and Empowered everyday of his life.

You can find Rob in the following online spaces:


Facebook:  hislovelettersforher

ALL social media platforms:  @madetobfree









Black Men and Strong Black Women | The Great Divide

Black Men and Strong Black Women | The Great Divide

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