DiscoverBlossom Your AwesomeBlossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #24 - Loving Awareness With Susan Partnow
Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #24 - Loving Awareness With Susan Partnow

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #24 - Loving Awareness With Susan Partnow

Update: 2021-12-01


Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #24 - back on the show we have Susan Partnow. 

Susan is a beacon of light and has been leading people to more loving connections for decades. 

She is a facilitator for the Compassionate Listening Project and has been doing this work all over the world.  

We touched on Compassionate Listening in our first exchange together. You can listen here to Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #9 - Compassionate Listening with Susan Partnow.

In this follow up episode we go deeper with the power of compassionate listening and how bringing Loving Awareness to each and every encounter opens the gateway to profundity between you and those around you. 

Susan Partnow is a powerful light in a sometimes very hard and dark world where our interactions are so disjointed, misdirected and misconstrued. Understanding the shear power of listening can be the ultimate reward with all of those around us. 

It is a powerful exchange with a sentient being who is delightfully awake and lives it seems in a perpetual state of wakefulness and deep bliss. 

I'm so honored to have connected with her to not only feel firsthand the power of her wisdom and love, but to be able to share that love here on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast. 

It is my sincere hope and even deeper knowing that there is some little bit of this dialogue big or small that will leave you touched and moved and inspired in some way.  

Susan Partnow is a senior facilitator with the Compassionate Listening Project. 

Susan Partnow has been supporting individuals, families and organizations to transform their conflicts for over thirty years.  She has been certified as a mediator by the Snohomish Dispute Resolution Center since the 1990’s.  She has also studied and now teaches Restorative Circle and Peacekeeping Circle practices.  She is a Sr. Facilitator for The Compassionate Listening Project and is a co-creator of their core practices and advanced trainings.  Susan served as a Sr. Organizational Development Consultant for Swedish/Providence for eight years, providing team building, strategic planning, change initiatives, coaching, mediation and facilitation to leaders across the system.  Prior to working with Swedish/Providence, Susan led Partnow Communications for over 25 years as a consultant specializing in team building, mediation, leadership development, and conflict management with public sector, private and non-profit organizations and individuals throughout Puget Sound.  Before that Susan was a certified speech pathologist working in hospital, clinic and home health settings.

 Susan has an M.A. in Communication Disorders from Northwestern University.  She is a member of various professional groups, including the national Organizational Development Network and American Society of Training and Development.  She is co-founder of Conversation Cafes, Seattle Restorative Justice and Global Citizen Journey and former Board member of NCDD (National Coalition on Dialogue & Deliberation.) Susan is author of Everyday Speaking for All Occasions (Doubleday books) and co-contributor of The Art of Compassionate Listening

Susan is especially drawn to bringing challenged individuals and groups together to release the energy locked in conflict to foster its transformation into creative new beginnings and deepened relations. 

You can find out more about Susan at her website -

To check out my site Blossom Your Awesome click here. 

Or for some of my other work check out Sues Blues. 


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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #24 - Loving Awareness With Susan Partnow

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #24 - Loving Awareness With Susan Partnow

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