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Body, Mind, Spirit, Naked Spa

Body, Mind, Spirit, Naked Spa

Update: 2023-03-23


Is that right?

This is another wave of my personal reflection story, as I figured out the  "mind, body, spirit" relationship layers of pain and beauty.   

And, yes, Naked Spa-which was a part of my brave therapy to feeling confident in my own skin during a time of extreme self consciousness-especially around the people who knew me the most.

In this episode I speak about the investigative work I did surrounding mindset, body image, self esteem, and emotional behavior. They are all deeply connected.  As I healed, I processed and learned.  I found "buoys" to help me survive, let go of things that didn't suit me and battled against self sabotage and "lies of attack".

I set up the framework of several conversations to come, which dive  deeper into mindset, body positivity, self esteem, and the reciprocity of internal/external beauty.

I speak to the real life example of going to Olympus Spa, a Korean spa,  where being naked is a natural part of the therapeutic experience.   It can be a very freeing experience, but also a very intimidating one-especially if you are already feeling insecure in your own skin.   Ultimately, this is a place where all bodies are admired equally-celebrating each scar, shape, size, or life stage.   There is a sense of unity and ease; which makes exposing your truth in the form of nakedness all worth the scary dis-robing.

Olympus Spa
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Body, Mind, Spirit, Naked Spa

Body, Mind, Spirit, Naked Spa

Amy Vallejo