DiscoverBusiness BreakdownsBoeing (REPLAY): Turbulent Times - [Business Breakdowns]
Boeing (REPLAY): Turbulent Times - [Business Breakdowns]

Boeing (REPLAY): Turbulent Times - [Business Breakdowns]

Update: 2024-04-08


Today we’re replaying our Breakdown on Boeing, hosted by Zack Fuss. We recorded the episode in September before the mid-air blowout on a Boeing 737 operated by Alaska Airlines and the subsequent management changes, but it serves as a useful overview of the commercial airline industry writ large, how we got here, and what the future might look like. It also pairs well with the breakdown we’re releasing next about Brazilian-based airplane manufacturer Embraer. So look out for that, and in the meantime, enjoy this episode on Boeing.

For the full show notes, transcript, and links to the best content to learn more, check out the episode page here.


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Show Notes

(00:03:08 ) - (First question) - An introduction to the aerospace industry and Boeing's role in it

(00:06:11 ) - Boeing's business model today

(00:10:22 ) - How the aerospace industry settled into a duopoly

(00:13:00 ) - Costs associated with airplane manufacturing

(00:14:32 ) - The life expectancy of an aircraft

(00:15:16 ) - Dealing with the supply coordination problem

(00:18:09 ) - The Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merger

(00:21:21 ) - Problems Boeing has faced over the past five years

(00:21:14 ) - How leadership turnover has permeated through Boeing

(00:28:33 ) - Competitive headwinds Boeing can face

(00:33:40 ) - How Boeing will grow in the aerospace industry

(00:38:09 ) - Boeing's eVTOL strategy

(00:42:12 ) - What is impacting the profitability of the business

(00:44:08 ) - The biggest challenge facing the aerospace industry

(00:45:27 ) - Lessons learned from studying Boeing

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Boeing (REPLAY): Turbulent Times - [Business Breakdowns]

Boeing (REPLAY): Turbulent Times - [Business Breakdowns]

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