DiscoverSex StoriesBonus | Updates on Wyoh’s Sex Stories
Bonus | Updates on Wyoh’s Sex Stories

Bonus | Updates on Wyoh’s Sex Stories

Update: 2019-08-311


An episode for those of you who have been asking for details: Wyoh talks about vulnerable feelings, the Sex Stories events that happened in August, and her experience finally getting on OK Cupid.

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Carrie Degenhardt

"And you!", Beth exclaimed laughingly as she jumped up and grabbed Corinne, swirling her around in her arms. Kissing Corinne slowly and deeply before smiling at her, "You...I have much to thank for." Each smiled at each other before hand in hand, went and helped up Tom with their free hands held in Tom's. They stood briefly in a circle, hands clasped before letting go and setting back down the trail towards their vehicles. The trail flattened out as they reached the lowlands, easing their travel as Beth was in the middle with Tom in tow. She watched Corinne with a critical eye as she hiked, trying not to be distracted by watching her body move. Corinne hiked like a puppy; purposely jumping off rocks, kicking sticks to knock them off the trail and with her natural smile, Corinne seemed happy in general as the miles added up. Beth smiled at her as Corinne glanced back, checking on her pace compared to the others. Catching her eye, Corinne blew her a kiss and laughed when Beth caught it. Still confused by the strong attraction Beth had for her, she mulled it over as she hiked. She definitely was not a lesbian, as she shivered slightly thinking about Tom behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, she caught Tom staring at her ass as he blushed when he looked up quickly. Beth smiled at him and had a delicious thought run through her head . Beth stopped as Tom got close and rubbed her ass slowly against him, feeling him getting hard for her as she ground back on him. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled seductively as she enjoyed feeling him respond to her. "Look as much as you want Tom," Beth said with a sexy smile. She pulled his head down to kiss her over her shoulder. "What are you thinking about?" "Hey you two," Corinne said smiling, "you're holding up the show!" Laughing, Beth gave him one more quick kiss as she ground her hips back against him lightly as she heard him moan. Dancing away, she kissed Corinne as she passed her, taking lead of the group. As she neared the trailhead, Beth decided that whatever happened with these two, she was not going to try to fit herself in some preordained box. She liked Corinne and Tom and if that made her bisexual or whatever anybody wanted to call her, then let them. Beth realized she only had to answer to herself, so long as she was happy and content.

Dec 3rd
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Bonus | Updates on Wyoh’s Sex Stories

Bonus | Updates on Wyoh’s Sex Stories

Wyoh Lee