DiscoverRebel Human Resources PodcastBonus Episode: HR Disruptors with Jan Barlow
Bonus Episode: HR Disruptors with Jan Barlow

Bonus Episode: HR Disruptors with Jan Barlow

Update: 2022-09-17


About Jan:

When it comes to an unexpected career transition, I understand exactly what it feels like. During an unsuccessful merger and acquisition process, I went from being at the top of my game as an industry leader, hired for my strengths to seeing my position change when management changed within 2 months. I was forced into a new position that didn't fit me or my skill set and ended up jeopardizing my health, and the newly organized department collapsed after 9 months.

This experience inspired me to launch the non-profit, Better Job Fit. I'm now a consultant, mentor and coach to companies and individuals, collaborating to identify and leverage the strengths of their teams to increase individual performance and workplace satisfaction. I am recognized for my expertise in global business development, customized strategic sales training, and advancing companies through the 10 Stages of Corporate Growth, (From Start-up to Prime). 

My clients include companies, executives, entrepreneurs and individuals, all seeking to enhance their individual or employees' productivity and performance. I assess, create and implement customized performance plans based specifically on their strengths, circumstances and goals.

As a powerful teacher, consultant and author, I am committed to creating positive company cultures and seamless teams that bring increased profit to any organization. My passion for creating dynamic change influenced Better Job Fit's social justice program, supporting the underserved populations of Veterans and Foster Care Alumni with internships and permanent job placements.

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Jan Barlow:

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Bonus Episode: HR Disruptors with Jan Barlow

Bonus Episode: HR Disruptors with Jan Barlow

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