DiscoverAs UnFake As It GetsBonus Episode (1): Unexpected Circumstances
Bonus Episode (1): Unexpected Circumstances

Bonus Episode (1): Unexpected Circumstances

Update: 2021-05-04


This is a special bonus episode from the only podcast in the World with the ethnic combination of an African American co-host and a full blooded Native American Indian of the Choctaw Tribe host "As UnFake As It Gets". | As usual it's host Nick aka Nicky Podcast aka Nicky J Fox aka Professor Podcast aka Mr Hold Nothing Back aka King Ghosted, joined by co-host Muff aka M-U Double aka Muffin So Black aka Mr Rough, Rugged and Raw aka Triple R. | The guys pick up from what went down after Episode 7: Racial Preference so the story has been told, so all you have to do is click play. | In a 30 minute segment of this episode the guys were joined by special guest Amber via remote recording. | A lot of questions were answered and a lot of new questions surfaced that couldn't be answered so this is a must listen episode. | Make sure you follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @AsUnFakePodcast | Make sure you visit our website from there you can become a supporter by clicking "Buy Me A Coffee" or "Donate via PayPal" or feel free to send any amount via Cash App to $Nick8807 | This episode is dedicated to celebrate the life that was lived by Nick's GodFather may he rest in peace RIP Michael Byrd


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Bonus Episode (1): Unexpected Circumstances

Bonus Episode (1): Unexpected Circumstances

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