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Bonus Episode - A chat in the kitchen with Jon

Bonus Episode - A chat in the kitchen with Jon

Update: 2021-11-27


This week I talked to my partner Jon, who doesn’t identify as a woman, but for this bonus episode, I asked him to chat with me while we picked up ingredients at the market and returned home to make lunch on a cold, bright winter morning.

I wanted to discuss the last couple of years since we both started our businesses, and Jon gave up his full time job at Manchester University. The timing of this, combined with a global pandemic and several lockdowns have made it an intense time, challenging in ways none of could have ever expected.

Welcome to a chat between two tired parents who often struggle to finish sentences and generally fail to arrive at any particular conclusion, but really enjoy market day and pottering in the kitchen.

A warning, this episode contains a couple of expletives.

Before I sign off for this season until the new year, I’d like to say thank you. To the fascinating women who agreed to talk to me and offer me their time and wisdom

To the wonderful, supportive listeners who reviewed the podcast, sent me overwhelmingly kind messages and welcomed us into their worlds.

To my friend Mush who came up with the name ‘On the Irregular’, whilst sleep deprived and caring for a newborn.

And to Jon, without whom, many of my ideas would remain a scribble in a notepad.

Amidst the global madness, creating this podcast has without a doubt, been a personal highlight of 2021. I have found it invigorating, exciting and fulfilling in endless ways. I feel like it has completed a part of me I didn’t know was missing. 

And for those who like plenty of notice, pop September 10th 2022 in your diaries, because, in my opinion, the main way to improve a podcast is to throw a podcast party.

In the meantime, enjoy the thirteen wonderful episodes we have recorded this year, and keep your ears alert for season two coming in early 2022.

Thank you. 



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Bonus Episode - A chat in the kitchen with Jon

Bonus Episode - A chat in the kitchen with Jon