DiscoverThe IcePodBonus Episode One - Stefanie Arndt
Bonus Episode One - Stefanie Arndt

Bonus Episode One - Stefanie Arndt

Update: 2019-12-19


Because it's Christmas, we like to give to all of you a special gift that you can enjoy during the holiday season. In this bonus episode, the sea-ice scientist Stefanie Arndt shares with us how she's preparing for her departure to join the MOSAiC ice camp end of January.
Steffi has been involved in the Year of Polar Prediction for a long time deploying sea-ice buoys in the Antarctic. Now she's going to the other side of the world to measure snow and sea-ice conditions in the central Arctic during Leg 3 of the MOSAiC campaign.
Hear about how she prepares as a polar bear guard and sort of a firefighter on the ice and why her parents would rather want her to be the "weather guy" on TV than spending more than a year in total in the polar regions.
Leg 3 will be the coldest period of the expedition, and Steffi has particular preparation for that (not only her woollen underwear). But the sun is coming back at some point...

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Bonus Episode One - Stefanie Arndt

Bonus Episode One - Stefanie Arndt

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