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Boosting Self Confidence with Devina Kaur

Boosting Self Confidence with Devina Kaur

Update: 2020-05-13


Acceptance comes from within. Self love is your most powerful tool in boosting your confidence levels. The way we perceive things such as success is subjective, and we tend to create our own barriers causing things such as the impostor syndrome.

Joining us is Devina Kaur, a fun-loving, flamboyant straight-talker born in India, she’s a North American based author, entrepreneur, and media personality. As a full-time student of life, Devina, the sexy goddess is out to share her relentless optimism with the world and empower herself and others in loving their bodies. #armyofLOVE

Devina is the founder of Sexy Brilliant - Empowered by Devina Kaur where she challenges many to dig deep within themselves and find out the causes of shame to replace it with love and freedom.

What we learn in this podcast?

  • Distinguishing your success from others

  • Impostor Syndrome caused by comparisons

  • Authenticity Vs Superficiality

  • Understanding the intent behind what we publish

  • The power of self love and self acceptance

  • Get clarity in your messaging, clarity in your identity

  • Reaching out for help and have no shame

Announcer Voice - Becky Scott 


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Boosting Self Confidence with Devina Kaur

Boosting Self Confidence with Devina Kaur

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