DiscoverHealing After Birth - A Mindful Podcast for MothersBoundaries In The Birth Room with Hermine Hayes-Klein
Boundaries In The Birth Room with Hermine Hayes-Klein

Boundaries In The Birth Room with Hermine Hayes-Klein

Update: 2020-12-15


I am so excited to share this podcast with the world of listeners! Hermine is a gem and if you have not yet heard of her, you will become a huge fan after listening to this podcast. Hermine is an American lawyer who started the non-profit organization: Human Rights in Childbirth. She speaks all around the world and is known for her talks on informed consent and human rights in childbirth. She represents mothers, families, and childbirth professionals globally. She is fierce, full of heart, and wise. 
Hermine and I will be co-facilitating a workshop for childbirth professionals May 16 and 17th, 2020, in Kelowna, BC, Canada. 
Effective Advocacy for Respectful and Supportive Childbirth Experiences: A Workshop About Communication, Informed Consent, and Responsibility for the Childbirth Professional > CLICK HERE to register and learn more.
Topics of Conversation

What inspired you to become an advocate for human rights in childbirth?
The prevalence of childbirth trauma
Some of the main presenting problems, complaints, and issues you represent
The role of the doula
What are the childbirth rights? 
The three needs Process of informed consent
A need for better boundaries in the birth room

Professional Bio:
Hermine Hayes-Klein is an attorney and international advocate for women's rights in maternal healthcare.  From 2008 - 2012, Hermine taught international law at The Hague University in The Netherlands, where she was the director of a research center for reproductive rights.  Since 2012, Hermine has organized six multi-stakeholder international conferences on human rights in childbirth, in Europe, the US, South Africa, and India, spoken publicly around the world on human rights in maternal healthcare, consulted on legislation relating to birth and breastfeeding in multiple jurisdictions, and worked directly on many legal cases relating to midwifery, informed consent, shared decision-making, and modern maternity care. Hermine and her family live in Portland, Oregon, USA.
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Boundaries In The Birth Room with Hermine Hayes-Klein

Boundaries In The Birth Room with Hermine Hayes-Klein

Jennifer Summerfeldt, MACP