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Braces For A Bug: ODO 196

Braces For A Bug: ODO 196

Update: 2021-02-03


Howdy there Oddballs! I'm gonna try my best this week to try and keep things to just a couple topics. Whether that actually happens is anyone's guess. On that note, we recently had a major trip to the dentist for one of our little monsters, and the outcome is going to get expensive. Also, I've got my more in depth review of "The Box Of Oddities." And in my new "What's Adam Listening to/ Watching" segement, my wife and I just finished binging the Netflix series, "Bridgerton."

Recommended Listening

The Box of Oddities

The Good:
Excellent Sound Quality
Highly Informative
Well Researched
Wide Variety of Topics
Twice Weekly Releases
Bumpers Don’t Get Stale
Great Chemistry
Authenticity- No Phonies
Damn Funny
Not Above Self-Deprecation

The Bad:
Stories Can Get Graphic
Ad Breaks Can Get Pretty Long
Can Veer Into the Political

The Verdict:
Four Stars
After I was introduced to the Box of Oddities, it quickly became one of my regular “must listen” podcasts. It’s been well established on my own podcast that I love weird stuff, and this show scratches that “weird shit” itch very thoroughly.

Of course, no show is perfect. And no show is for everyone. But also, the subject matter variety in The Box of Oddities is suited to only a certain niche of people. I happen to be that kind of person, but I can also see where it could be very off-putting for some people. The listener base for this show is a bit more narrow than most, but if you are at all the kind of person that appreciates the strange and unusual, you absolutely need to open the lid and peer inside “The Box of Oddities.”


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Braces For A Bug: ODO 196

Braces For A Bug: ODO 196

Adam Higgins