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Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

Update: 2021-10-08


Episode 013

Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

It’s spooky season, so what better time to discuss theatre superstitions!

In Episode 13 (whoa, we had no idea we were broadcasting such a sinister episode number), we tell haunting tales of candles, mirrors, unspeakable plays, and Burlesque hexes!

Do you have the courage to listen?

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Bourbon’s obsession with Winc

· Get $30 of wine for FREE at this link (

· Dear Winc: Please sponsor Bourbon Layne

· Bourbon was cursed

· The two-show curse

· Terrible tech rehearsals

· F-Bomb’s sabotaged chickens

· Dead dogs

· Complicated lighting systems

· Does a bad rehearsal mean a good performance?

· Peacock feathers will give you the evil eye

· Blue costume superstitions

· Break a leg vs good luck

· The downside of manifesting your destiny

· The history of “break a leg”

· Lily’s adorable son

· Burlesque superstition

· Get your shoes off the table

· Don’t whistle while you work

· The play that shall not be named

· How to break another curse

· Don’t turn off the ghost light

· Pre-show rituals

· Miss F-Bomb gets frisky

· Backstage pledges

· Covid put the kaibosh on on-stage drinking

· What happened to our meet-and-greet?

· F-Bomb’s shoe routine

· Performance befores and afters

· Sadie’s green curler

· Sadie finally does her own lashes

· Instagram ads work

· Pre-show routines

· Sadie’s lack of hamstrings

· No bad talking

· Audience energy

· Burlesque love

· Burlesque headspace

· The new Cabaret and Cocktail ritual

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Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

Break a Leg: Theatre Superstitions

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