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Breaking Through Plateaus

Breaking Through Plateaus

Update: 2018-11-12


Have you hit a wall in losing weight or are you looking to lose weight faster? Either way, Laura is here to help you develop a plan and mindset to reach your weight loss goals. Tune in to learn how to win the battle against the number on your scale.


From understanding water weight to establishing food portions, this episode is for everyone. Laura is ready to give you some key tips and strategies that you may be missing on your weight loss journey.

“Your weight is composed of a lot of other things other than your body fat and your self-worth.”

-Laura Poburan


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2:09 - Why your weight loss “plateau” might not be a plateau

4:33 - Laura explains why you might be stalling in your weight loss

7:52 - How the last meal of your day affects the number on your scale

10:00 - Know what you eat. How your planned meals and in-between meals impact your weight

12:52 - Why eating out can wreck your weight loss progress

14:30 - Why high sodium intake increases your weight but not necessarily your body fat

15:49 - How low sleep, high stress, and high cortisol don’t necessarily increase your body fat

18:39 - Your weight loss might stall every four weeks. Know how to prepare and react well

22:37 - Laura’s resources to help you change your perspective on weight loss


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Breaking Through Plateaus

Breaking Through Plateaus

Laura Poburan