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Brett Goldstein, Co-founder Launch House

Brett Goldstein, Co-founder Launch House

Update: 2021-12-05


In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Brett Goldstein, Co-Founder of Launch House, a community for founders and creators. 

Prior to Launch House, Brett was a Product Manager at Google, where he worked cross-functionally with engineering, design, marketing, machine vision research, and art as well as served as an M&A strategy analyst for the CEO of Google. He then took the role of Senior Product Manager at Clearbit where he was responsible for Platform (APIs & Infrastructure) and Integrations teams. Here, he took two products from concept to launch that drove 90% retention for >60 enterprise customers accounting for over $1.5M ARR and streamlined product development processes such as improving bug triage efficiency 5x, introduced product critiques, and built UX research process. Brett then co-created Accenture Ventures where he launched and operationalized an early-stage venture capital and corporate innovation team.

In his free time, he writes a newsletter called Social Studies. It has two parts: monthly roundups of news and discussions from Tech Twitter and analysis using principles from the (social) sciences. Brett has also been writing, producing, and mixing music as Monte Del Monte for over a decade. 

Along the way, Brett has taught music to kids in refugee camps and was a Computational Cognitive Science researcher at UC Berkeley. He believes that graph theory, game theory, and group psychology can be used to understand just about everything (in the world and in business).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cognitive Science & Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.









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Brett Goldstein, Co-founder Launch House

Brett Goldstein, Co-founder Launch House

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