DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastBrian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)
Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

Update: 2021-11-22


Brian Covey is a Speaker, Author, Top-Rated Podcast Host, and VP for loanDepot, one of the top 5 lenders in the United States. Before all this, Brian was a pro soccer player who had the honor of playing in the US Olympic Team. Soccer has played a big part in his life. It taught him the importance of having coaches, mentors, and has contributed to developing his competitive drive. From Monopoly to sports, Brian likes to win.

Having grown up around sports, he noticed how everybody was competing mostly to get a spot in the team and get noticed by the coach. Such motives are not sufficient to sustain motivation in the long run, and can actually lead to burnout and quitting, something that several of his fellow sportsmen had to face. But not Brian. Thanks to the teaching of his father, he realized the only viable competition was the one against himself. That has put him on the path of maximizing his potential. A path that is surely not linear. If you want to win, in fact, you have to learn how to fail while falling in love with the entire process.

The Art of a Growth Mindset, Winning, and Staying Fit

Over the course of his journey, Brian has mastered the art of a growth mindset, the art of winning, and the art of staying fit. He believes in a holistic approach to life to achieve balance. He’s now sharing his knowledge and experiences through his podcast, The Brian Covey Show, and with his new book, “Conversations with Covey”.

When asked what is at the foundation of his motivation and drive, Brian gives these 5 rules he lives by, which as a listener of the How’d It Happen Podcast I’m sure you will appreciate.

* Be kind to others and put out positive energy to attract the right people* Always be a learner and addicted to growth through personal development* Be hungry and have hustle in your game, giving & sharing yourtalents and gifts with others* Surround yourself with great people / association matters* Be passionate about your vision and live your purpose today

And now here’s Brian Covey.

Show Notes

[3:04 ] How’d it happen for Brian Covey?[5:55 ] How does Brian feel about losing and what was the life lesson he wished he had known earlier?[8:30 ] On quitting and falling in love with the process[12:58 ] Diving deeper into visualization[18:22 ] “Actions being greater than your feelings”[20:34 ] Learning how to get “cut”[25:00 ] Brian’s exercise group and routine[29:32 ] What a younger Brian thought about career-wise[35:08 ] The power of saying “yes” and learning when to say “no”[40:04 ] You need to share what you stand for[40;54] Decisions vs. choices[44:38 ] The Brian Covey Show and Conversations with Covey[53:00 ] The importance of networking[55:25 ] On being selfish[1:00:25 ] Outro

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Video on Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things

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Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

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