DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastBrian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)
Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

Update: 2021-11-23


Every success story starts with challenges and today's story is no different. Brian Covey was once an Olympic USA Soccer Player, and he quickly learned how to get "cut" and literally... get cut. He is also a soccer dad, family man, wealth advisor, speaker, author, podcast host, and creative disrupter. Join me as we talk to Brian about thriving after his Olympic career ended and then having to go through another type of challenge when the market crashed. As always, we talk about his past and what made him become the man (and father) he is today. We also talked about why he started his podcast and the inspiration behind his book. Make sure you tune in.

Brian Covey has mastered the art of a growth mindset, the art of winning, and the art of staying fit. He believes in integration and health over all things. Brian is an executive at loanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top-rated podcaster, and just simply, a fabulous soccer dad. He throws the suit down and coaches his daughters'  league with joy several times a week. It's Brian's mission with his new book, "Conversations with Covey," to highlight some of the most incredible stories he's gotten to share on his podcast, the Brian Covey Show.

Today, Brian is a VP in the mortgage industry with loanDepot, one of the top 5 lenders in the country. He is still very passionate about being part of a championship team and equipping his team with the tools to excel, leadership development & leading change in the mortgage industry.

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Show Notes
[3:04 ] How’d it happen for Brian Covey?
[5:55 ] How does Brian feel about losing and what was the life lesson he wished he had known earlier?
[8:30 ] On quitting and falling in love with the process
[12:58 ] Diving deeper into visualization
[18:22 ] “Actions being greater than your feelings”
[20:34 ] Learning how to get “cut”
[25:00 ] Brian’s exercise group and routine
[29:32 ] What a younger Brian thought about career-wise
[35:08 ] The power of saying “yes” and learning when to say “no”
[40:04 ] You need to share what you stand for
[40;54] Decisions vs. choices
[44:38 ] The Brian Covey Show and Conversations with Covey
[53:00 ] The importance of networking
[55:25 ] On being selfish
[1:00:25 ] Outro

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Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

Brian Covey, Visualizing the End Result of Doing Hard Things (#213)

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