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Bridges to Other Movements w/ PJ Nyman

Bridges to Other Movements w/ PJ Nyman

Update: 2022-01-22


PJ Nyman joins the podcast this week to discuss how understanding animal exploitation on a global landscape creates bridges to other movements which, in turn, help us address the exploitation of animals in a more multifaceted way. PJ, a contributing author featured in Antiracism in "Animal Advocacy: Igniting Cultural Transformation," shares what prompted them to investigate the overlap between the history of human control over nature and eating animals. They also touch on their experience coming out as LGBTQ and as an animal advocate and how the two experiences intersected. And, as an added bonus, PJ shares the books—written by a diverse array of authors—they would recommend to new vegans for varied perspectives on the importance of animal advocacy and how it overlaps with other social justice issues.

PJ Nyman earned their Master’s degree in Social and Political Thought from York University and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Simon Fraser University. Formerly a program manager for Animal Place, a sanctuary for farmed animals in Northern California, PJ now works as a Corporate Relations Specialist for Mercy For Animals in Toronto, Canada, and sits on the Board of Encompass, a capacity-building organization that helps animal protection organizations and advocates advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Bridges to Other Movements w/ PJ Nyman

Bridges to Other Movements w/ PJ Nyman

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