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Budget like a BOSS

Budget like a BOSS

Update: 2020-08-182


If the word budgeting makes you feel blergh then this sweet friend is the episode for you. Today on the show we discuss why managing our budget and cash flow is essential to attaining financial freedom and we also talk through the practicalities of how we can utilise these systems to help us get out or avoid getting into unwanted debt. It’s a cracker of a show packed to the gills with the good bits (including peanut butter and pancake chats) and we implore you to press play pronto.


Today’s show was proudly supported by our friends from WISR, whose new app helps pay down debt without you even lifting a finger. As an exclusive for SOTM listeners, they’re offering to pay up to $25 off a debt of your choice over three months – just enter the code SOTM-wisr once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone. Head here to get started.

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Your hosts are Georgia King and Victoria Devine.


The advice shared on She’s on The Money is general in nature and does not consider your individual circumstances. She’s on The Money exists purely for educational purposes and should not be relied upon to make an investment or financial decision. Victoria Devine is an Authorised Representative of Australia Pacific Funds Management Proprietary Limited ABN 34 132 463 257 - AFSL 339151.











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Budget like a BOSS

Budget like a BOSS

Victoria Devine