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Buffalo Dreams With Author, Shaman Glenda Clemens

Buffalo Dreams With Author, Shaman Glenda Clemens

Update: 2020-09-25


Please join Sonia and Wendy, as we talk to Glenda Clemens - Author, Shaman, LPN - about her books, with a focus on 'Buffalo Dreams'.
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About Glenda:
I was 8 years old The Day The Music Died (look it up—a pivotal time in American music). So, yeah. I’m old. I’ll be 70 years old in mid-October.
I was born in 1950 to a mother who was little more than a child herself and a man—and I use the term loosely-- who already tried to kill me when I was 5 months in my mother’s womb.
I grew up in Southeast Oklahoma spending much of my life around McAlester, Ada, Stigler, Shawnee, Tecumseh, Broken Bow, Antlers, Stuart and my favorite town name Bugtussle. I always wonder exactly which bugs got in a fight that was so monumental someone named a town after the battle. Of course, Bugtussle isn’t a big place. Wikipedia says it is an unincorporated community with a population of a few hundred. Few being the operative word.
I met David Clemens at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station in the summer of 1967 on June 5th. I remember the day because it changed my life forever. It took me all of five minutes to recognize him as a keeper and my mate. When I proposed to him, he said, “Who said anything about getting married?” My answer was, “It will be easier if you just ask me out on a date.” He did and we’ve been together for over fifty years now.
In 1994 or there abouts my husband went to a drumming circle. He thought it was all about drums. It was about Core Shamanism. A few days later after he had finished the weekend course he said, "We should get you to go to one of these courses. It's right up your alley."
There wasn't a session for several weeks so we went to one in Austin, Texas for our anniversary celebration and to attend the Core Shamanism class there. It was incredible and changed my life.
Since then I've taken many shamanism classes including Healing classes, Counseling classes and Earth Power classes. I have had shamanic clients and have use the shamanism in coaching and counseling. But mostly Core Shamanism is a private spiritual practice for me.
I have three children Lorien (had to read The Lord of The Rings SIX times to come up with her name), Raymond and Beth. They are all unique people and brought with them to this plane of existence incredible skills, talents and love. If there are any jewels in my crown it is these three human beings who let me be their mother.
I worked for many years as an LPN in labor and delivery, at nursing homes, in private doctor offices including David’s. When our youngest child was ready to start her senior year of highschool I was accepted at the University of Oklahoma College of nursing and finished my BSN and went on to finish my MSN and become a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2001. I was a working Nurse Practitioner ARNP for 17 years.
I retired from nursing in 2017 to do what I always wanted to do—WRITE stories!
Find Glenda Clemens here:
Buffalo Dreams (The Shaman Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Glenda Clemens (Author), David Clemens (Author)
The Arbuckle Mountain pass in southern Oklahoma is treacherous any time of the year, but a winter ice storm turns the scenic highway into a death trap for Evelyn Maloney, Teah’s mother.
Letters from her mother speak of shamanism and reveal the true meaning of her name. Teah’s confusion mounts as she stands in her mother’s private attic sanctuary. And the twenty-eight blue bound journals where the unknown past of her mother’s life is yet to be revealed only feed her growing inner tension.
Overwhelmed with the feeling of falling, her anxiety is made worse with nightmares and dreams of a buffalo a grandfather with long silver braids, and a re-headed man with brilliant blue eyes.
Evil is afoot and it is up to Teah to banish the evil from her life. The man in her dreams continues to haunt her. Who is he? What’s with the fox, buffalo, salmon and crow invading her dreams? Will her mother’s love and her written journals answer the questions Teah desperately needs? Will she ever find love on a deep and abiding level?
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Buffalo Dreams With Author, Shaman Glenda Clemens

Buffalo Dreams With Author, Shaman Glenda Clemens

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