Build On The Confidence

Build On The Confidence

Update: 2019-08-03


Take a knee, lend and ear, and soak up the unfiltered inspiration from Australia’s newest motivational luminary, John Eales: Build On The Confidence.

Exactly how one Builds On The Confidence remains unclear. Regardless, it’s a life lesson as suitable for the Wallabies as it is for sandpaper buffs, right-thinking patriots, God talks to me pilgrims, mad cricket punters, and bald-headed flogs. Which is to say, you and me. 

The Australian Cricket Team must Build On The Confidence of true skipper Steve Smith’s arousing Ashes knock, provided they’re not too busy thinking up explanations for why they chose the numbers on their backs. Names and numbers are a blight on the creams, but give us an incredible insight into attitudes of numerology within the team.

As for the umpires, clearly, they must Build On The Confidence of their third umpire safety net. Better still, maybe it’s time to introduce electronic dismissals and robot umpires. Outs are not outs, not outs are outs. Analogue Umpires lack clarity, It’s time to go digital. Bug in the ball? An array of sensors? If we can put a microphone in a stump, surely we can put a bank of sensors in a stump too?! 

Feral footy fans face a beat down from the fuzz. Bald headed flogs beware. It’s Orwellian, but that’s typical from The Murderer at AFL HQ. We need more carrot and less stick. Perhaps the AFL could learn a lesson or two from the good burghers of Watsford Oval who have a high level of tolerance for the most colourful words in the English language. Bald Headed what now?!

Start your engines petrol heads - it’s The Winton Festival of Speed. Mustangs vs Camaro vs Torana vs Charge, plus a swap meet with a lovely collection of sideboards and French provincial buffets. 

Jobs and growth. Lifters, no leaners. Have a go to get a go. Horse racing is not the domain of youths and should strictly be the domain of older Australians searching for work. Like Billy, the 46-year-old Japanese jockey who might be Australia’s oldest apprentice. Have a go to get a go. Billy is a role model for older Australians on Newstart - where’s the horse?

Get Ready Queensland - and learn how Johnathan Thurston earned a cool 87 grand for his latest ambassadorial gig. Real and relatable. 

Plus your emails via - learn more about Sticky Ricky’s penchant for flipping quality used cars. 

All of that and plenty more on Just Short of a Length with Roy & HG!









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Build On The Confidence

Build On The Confidence

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