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Build a Legit Business With Chayla Jackson

Build a Legit Business With Chayla Jackson

Update: 2020-10-28


Welcome to this week's episode of the Profit Producer Podcast hosted by Virtual COO, Dekesha Williams, where we find the stories behind every successful entrepreneur.

Our guest is Chayla Jackson, an Attorney, entrepreneur, and author of Build A Legit Business: “Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Starting and Running A Business While You Build and Protect Your Brand, Legacy, and Wealth the Legit Way... Legal That Is!” She is a graduate of Georgetown Law and trained as a Litigator in Criminal Defense before she pivoted to helping entrepreneurs defend their business against costly, legal pitfalls.

As a legal expert, she shares her expertise and insights to avoid these costly, legal mistakes every entrepreneur makes. She also shares her story on how she started in this phase wanting to work with small business owners. She also shares her moments of struggles and the lessons she learned as a legal entrepreneur.

Are you interested in learning more about Chayla Jackson's tips and advice? Tune in and join us in this week's episode.

This Episodes Highlights

"First make sure you have a contract in place. Second, in your contract, there should be some provisions in your business that says what happens if they fail to pay. Are there some procedures in place? And then within your business have a policy on how you deal with folks who stop paying. So from a customer service perspective, reach out to them. Have a conversation. Find out what's happening in their life. Because you know, there might be some things you can work out together to make sure that they can receive the services they need but also your business gets paid. Now you do all of that and that still doesn't work? Depending on the amount, you can take to small claims court. Get your money, get the case rolling, and you can oftentimes do that without an attorney."










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Build a Legit Business With Chayla Jackson

Build a Legit Business With Chayla Jackson

DeKesha Williams